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Microwavefilters & Tvc Cernusco sul naviglio is a manufacturer of RF passive components with over 40 years of experience in Milan / Italy. It mainly produces diplexers, filters and other RF components for the Telecom industry.

Microwavefilters & Tvs’ mission is to become a fast and flexible market expert serving high-quality passive components telecom OEMs. 

Microwavefilters & Tvc, which has spread its quality and professional products all over the world by preserving its mission, stands out among its competitors with its flexibility, expertise and quality products.

Company Fundamentals


  • Flexible and fast production time
  • Production capacity flexibility thanks to in-house production
  • Optimum workforce setup
  • Efficient stock facilities


  • Net market segmentation strategy
  • 80% of the business is devoted to core business activities in MW passive components
  • Most revenues are derived from strategic customers in the target segment
  • R&D projects are focused on the goal of further development of hound products, not on different product areas.


  • Referred to as the industry’s “Silicon Valley” for RF components
  • Close collaborations with the best Italian universities
  • All design events are held in-house
  • Production with multiple quality control stages
  • Received 98% more efficiency approval than customers who have been selling to competitors in the market

Microwavefilters & Tvc’s Strengths


  • MW-TVC manufactures Filter/Diplexler and all RF components for its wide frequency range and market segments.
  • Different technical approaches and qualified technical information are used for project filters.
  • It offers excellent mechanical experience to customers’ service since 1979.
  • It offers the time to bring new developments to the market very short and compatible with all products.
  • Project developments are made within the company (Galvanic Treatments in Outsoured)


Focus Strategy

Telecommunications industry

Investigation of industry needs

Microwave OEM customers

Shortcut and long road Radiolinks, SATCOM, FACTION, PUBLISH, CELL

Passive ingredient products

Filters, crimpers, couplers, OMT, waveguides

Market areas

  • Trunk radio links
  • 4-13 GHz Kanal Filtreleri, sirkülatörler
  • E-band / V-band
  • MM-waves
  • Power Dividers
  • E-Band diplexers
  • UAV diplexers
  • Double Band OMTs
  • SATCOM filters

Research and design

  • A highly skilled and willing workforce that allows the creation of new great ideas by working in teams.
  • (örn with the highest universities in northern Italy for product qualification according to the most severe civil and military specifications. Close cooperation with Milan and Pavia University ) and Certificate Laboratories (TUV Rheinland and others ).
  • Strong focus and participation in industrialization and optimization processes that follow design activities. Optimized solutions work with design and industrialization.
  • Thanks to the internal features, most customers can meet the need in terms of solution, along with a network of external expert consultants.
  • The high level of flexibility ensures that the company is quickly involved in inter-product activities with short prototypes and implementation times.

Production and Testing facilities – CNC center

  • Horizontal CNC high speed
    • Workspace 800x800x800 HSK 63 16000 dev/min nr. 6 pallet no. 160 vehicles
    • Workspace 630x630x630 HSK 63 16000 dev/min no. 6 pallet no. 160 vehicles
    • Workspace 630x630x630 HSK 63 16000 dev/min no. 2 pallet no. 80 vehicles
  • Vertical CNC
    • Workspace 2000x500x500 ISO 40 10000 dev/min no. 32 vehicles
    • Workspace 585x430x460 ISO 40 7000 dev/min no. 20 vehicles
    • Workspace 430x350x460 ISO 40 6000 dev/min no. 24 vehicles
  • CNC lathe
    • Rod diameter = 52 mm; maximum diameter/ length = 230 mm x 530 mm; 4 controlled axes; radial and tangential motor tool; automatic bar feeding
    • Rod diameter = 52 mm; maximum diameter/ length = 220 mm x 60 mm; automatic bar feed
    • Rod diameter = 34 mm; maximum diameter/ length = 100 mm x 230 mm; 3 controlled axes; 2 pies; automatic bar feeding
    • Rod diameter = 75 mm; maximum diameter/ length = 280 mm x 600 mm

Test laboratory

The most up-to-date devices are used for automatic testing of products.

  • Automatic mounting of adjustment screws during the assembly process.
  • Current VNA devices to cover bandwidth up to 96 GHz.
  • Advanced software tool developed from R&D with AGILENT engineers and used to quickly set up/calibration and adjustment parameters of devices, including tables with all extension frequencies.
  • 100% of the electrical performances performed by s/Numbers are stored after the Successful/ Unsuccessful Control Mask

Quality assurance system

Microwavefilters & TVC certificates:

ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 45001 : 2018

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