Relcomm Technologies Turkey

RF relay component designs and creates products for the Relcomm Technologies communication and instrumentation market.

“Perfection from design”

Application-specific RF Coaxial Relays developed by design

  • Military defense fixed/mobile/gemi
  • Commercial Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Satellite Communication Grounding Stations
  • Test and Measuring Devices from DC to 40 GHz

RelComm Technologies Inc. is an Electronic Communications Equipment designer and manufacturer with a complete range of RF/Microwave coaxial and Wave guide switches and relays. It is an industry leader that supplies Electro-Mechanical RF Switches for mission-critical communication and instrumentation through innovative design and world-class production. Designed, manufactured and shipped from Salisbury, Maryland, USA, where we operate in a 16,000-Square-meter facility dedicated to production, Engineering, Testing and Quality Assurance, Stores and management.

Sectors Served

RelComm provides premium EM RF Switches distributed on Fixed, Mobile, Ship and air installations. These products have a more robust design to work under tighter working conditions and perform in more demanding environments.

With its proven reliability and good power processing capacity, RelComm provides RF switching solutions to route signals in different types of medical equipment. Applications include Imaging, dermatological and blood processing equipment.

Satellite Ground Stations (SGS) are manufactured to collect and publish remote sensing satellite data to various users and applications. We found RelComm RF Switches in a large number of SGS applications where a broadband solution is required that requires high insulation and low input loss between ports. These applications include RF signal management, signal tracking and redundancy, as well as other uses.

RelComm was created by providing cost-effective products for commercial Wireless Infrastructure, a market where there are no cost-effective switching solutions for the required built-in redundancy. While the need for excess is decreasing in many commercial applications, RelComm continues to support the commercial wireless market and remains in a position to provide cost-effective solutions. When it comes to wireless infrastructure for public security tapes, it remains an excess requirement and this is where you will find many RelComm products.

Most of the RelComm customer base provides application-specific design Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). These customers are accustomed to the unique performance, reliability and repeatability of RelComm products.. RelComm offers broadband, Low loss, high isolation and high power usage capacity when needed, making our products attractive for use in ATE.